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The Blackrayne Pack is almost here....

I know it has been a long time since you have seen or head anything that involves me. I want apologize for that. The pandemic has everything on hold, however, now that things have began to calm...I am ready to give you something new.

This is the first of what I am hoping several stories of these crazy, wild and loyal beast. Below you will find the Prologue of this story and I hope you enjoy it. Give me some feed back...Be honest and tell you whether you want more...

I can say that I am looking forward to June 15th. This will be released on Amazon first and then I will get it to B&N and Smashwords as soon as I can.

Without further ado... Meet Ryker Blackrayne, the Alpha of the Blackrayne Pack...

The restaurant looked just as a classic diner from the twentieth century would’ve appeared. Ryker Blackrayne regarded the setting with so much disinterest, that he could have sat on the privy in a bathroom stall and had the same reaction.

The walls covered with memorabilia of the days when things were progressing instead of healing.

The Artist… Whatever the fuck his name was once said, lets party like it’s nineteen ninety nine…Two thousand zero-zero, parties over, out of time.

If he only knew how right, he was.

The military with all their wisdom, as well as the government and all their astounding intelligence missed one small detail when developing their network of war rooms, bunkers and silos. Maybe no one realized that the big zero-zero was going to restart the human race when their state of the art, no error making computers decided that all the missiles the world leaders had hidden in the ground would ceremoniously launch at the exact same time.

Well… They did, and no one could stop it. They got as many people into as many bunkers that they could and left the world to the devastation. Because of their quest for domination of the world, humans were now the minority of plant.

Ryker Blackrayne survived because he isn’t human, he is an Immortal. A shifter/werewolf, whichever you wanted to call him. He was the Alpha of the Blackrayne Pack. Immortals were now the majority of the population and Ryker’s compound held a good deal of them. Shifters, Vampires, Witches and Fairies were the majority of what remained on the scarred dirt of what was once called Earth.

Fairies are not Immortal. Even though they live a very long time, they can be killed if one knew how. Vampires and shifters are extremely hard to kill because you had to catch them first, and they had a bad habit of regenerating really fucking fast.

The humans of the planet called their idiocy, The Veil. The day the world took its last curtain call and darkness fell over them all. When the humans took their first steps back above ground, they found that many of the people still standing had fangs, fur as a second skin or could do things that only magic could explain.

Another wave of panic set in and most fled back underground. Only a few that already knew about Immortals wanted what they had or was willing to fight out rebuilding with them with the knowledge they were safe. Just because Immortals were different, it didn’t make them all monsters or killers. If anything, humans were the monsters for what they had done to the very place that gave them the air they breathed and the food they consumed.

With a few flashes of eyes though, most of the humans that took to the dirt had been mind-fucked to think that the remaining people that survived The Veil were just replants. Casted to unknown bunkers all over the world.

The few humans that lived among the Blackrayne Pack knew that they exist, but they also knew what could happen if they ran their mouths to those who didn’t. They decided it was smarter to just work in the shadows to rebuild alongside the few humans that remained. So, they put the Immortals to rest and began the journey. Finding areas that still had basic electrical bases and weren’t burnt to the point the ground was too soiled to grow even the most stubborn weed. The area Ryker chose to build his compound was one he knew all too well, but one that was safe. He knew this was where his life would be reborn.

His compound was massive and held many businesses along with a reinforced building that held his pack. Condominiums that were many floors up and even a few floors below the surface, yet so many of those dwellings were empty.

Water processing plant, farms in the way of greenhouses as well as a few manufacturing warehouses that developed and sold security in the form of the walls that surrounded the miles long and more miles wide city. It was too much for one man to handle, and even a lot for his pack to handle. There were so few that he trusted with his personal stake, that his wolves were being over worked as it was. He had been working towards rebuilding his pack but as of late, things have got to mundane to care.

His newest quest to get out of the hole of destruction he was spiraling down was the club opening tonight. The male only, BDSM club was a place to go and live out whatever fantasy or fuck anyone you chose, without judgement. Many had reverted to the racist idea that gay men or woman should not be permitted because the human race was dying out and reproduction was necessary. Ryker just shook his head at the ignorance. He only reproduced wolves now and had not been human for a very long time. Immortals did not catch diseases that were on the path of destroying humans long before they did it themselves.

One of the rules to live in Zion was that no prejudice would be tolerated. Sex was a natural want and need for some. A fetish, the need for pain, all of it was a way to express or free yourself from the new way of life on this planet, and Ryker had no tolerance for bigot beliefs.

He would just shrug off the doctors when they approached him about how to make things easier. He wasn’t the brilliant one…that was what he paid them for. He had other things to worry about, like keeping enough fresh water for the people of Zion. Making sure that the greenhouse farms were able to keep up with the demand and that all the ones that could make it happen were happy and well compensated for their efforts. Besides, his lifestyle pretty much promised everyone he would not be having a child of any kind.

Ryker knew before he became a wolf that he was gay. At that time, he kept it to himself and never shared the secret with anyone, but now, the people he loved the most... had accepted him and that is all that mattered. Hell, no one within Zion was what the masses considered heterosexual anymore. The Veil made many realize that living your life was more important then what was considered politically correct. None of his pack members was strictly one way or the other. They all just enjoyed their life and loved each other how they chose.

These were his rules and to live in his city, all you had to do was follow them. He had found peace and he would stop at nothing to keep it. He would give his own life it meant his pack and the people of Zion would be safe.

Ryker Blackrayne was the Alpha of The Blackrayne Pack and acceptance was your choice. Abide and live or don’t and rot. In Zion, that choice is yours.

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